aul is an award-winning director with a natural affinity for stylish visuals and bold performance. A self taught editor and trained musician; Paul has an instinctive rhythm and pace to his work that connects emotionally with the viewer.

With 25 years industry experience, Paul has honed a keen eye for detail, working with creative agencies throughout Europe. At home on small and large productions, Paul is focussed and passionate about delivering high quality output without compromising the heart and soul of a creative idea.

Paul wrote and produced independent documentary “Balancé” which screened at AFI Docs (American Film Institute). His documentary “Francis B. Griffin” also won best documentary at London Lift-off film festival. Paul’s work has also picked up advertising awards at Fresh and Cream.

Paul began shooting and editing short films at the tender age of 9. Equipped with a 1986 Panasonic M5 VHS camcorder, he discovered the magic of directing, editing “in camera” and dubbing a soundtrack. This childhood pursuit eventually became his chosen career and craft.